St John's Church, Sparkhill

a multicultural community following Jesus


Sparkhill St Johns from Durham Road

We are deeply committed to the people of Sparkhill and are developing our resources to better serve the local community in the 21st century.


We now have received planning permission for the external work to be undertaken as we continue the improvement and renovation of our church building.

Final plans for approval by the Diocesan Advisory Committee are now being prepared and these include a reordered worship area, new facilities including offices, meeting rooms, kitchen, toilets and a refurbished church hall as well as new car parking facilities


A total reroofing of the church (including insulating) costing over £425,000 was undertaken during 2010 and 2011 with the help of English Heritage, grant giving organisations and sacrifial giving by the congregation.


Phase 1 reroofing in pictures

Sparkhill St John's Scaffolding starts to go up

Work on phase 1 of the roof replacement gets under way with the start of the erection of scaffolding. Week 1 (8-12th March 2010)

Sparkhill St John's roof week6

 Insulation being installed

Sparkhill St John's week 9 scaffording

overview of north side of church at week 9

Sparkhill St John's Roof week 9

Clerestory window

Sparkhill St John's Workers on Roof

work started on replacing the tiles on 7th May

Sparkhill St John's internal scaffolding

Internal scaffolding going up 19th May

even the chimney

Even the Chimney gets a make-over 11th June

 South Side

 Work starts on the south roof 11th June

 Sparkhill - Abseiling

abseiling to fix birdnetting on tower 25th June

Sparkhill - south transept

roofer in safety harness high on the south transept 2nd July 


yet more new scaffolding 28th July

week 20b

 a high level view 30th July

week 20d

Pete the Builder  30th July

week 20c

High level view of carpenter repairing clerestory

window in the main roof 30th July

week 20e

Clerestory window under repair 30th July


Phase 2 of the reroofing gets under way in October 2010


Phase 2 North side scaffolding 

 Scaffolding going up on the north side of the church in preparation for stage 2 of the reroofing. 


 Work gets underway on the north transept roof 27th October



New emergency exit from the Church Hall

Emergency exit

In the summer of 2013 we completed the installation of an Emergency Exit to our Church Hall at a cost of £22,000. We are grateful to the many individuals and trusts who gave so generously towards this essential work.

New Signage

Thanks to a grant from Transforming Church we were able to replace our main church notice board during 2015.

New boiler for Church Hall and Project Offices

Thanks to the generosity of church members and grant making organisations during 2015  we were able to replace the heating boiler in the church hall with an efficient modern boiler to which we can later add solar water heating panels.

Boiler at St Johns Sparkhill

External renovations and improvements.

We have planning permission and are awaiting a faculty to enable us to pave around the Church building, install a permanent disabled persons ramp to the main door, provide 7 car parking spaces and cycle rack, replace an old wooden fire escape, provide new external lighting and renovate over 24 bays of historic (grade 2 listed) iron railings, supporting walls and pillars that urgently need repair.

All of this will cost around £250,000.

We are presently fundraising and hope to complete this work during 2018.

Plans for external works