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Narthex Sparkhill is a charity with its main hub based in St John’s Church, Sparkhill, in south-east Birmingham. It is this sector of the city that the charity seeks to serve.

Narthex Centre and Narthex Sparkhill Foodbank support people in need or facing crisis including low income families, children, young people, single parents, refugees and asylum seekers of all faiths and ethnic origins, through the provision of food, clothing, resources, money advice and services for seniors. The charity works solely through referral from local agencies.

Our community lies in the top 4% of the most deprived in England. It is a densely populated inner-city area with a high number of new immigrants and families living in poverty and faces major economic and social challenges. The immediate impact of our work is to alleviate the effects that acute financial crisis brings and improve quality of life through crisis intervention, access to training, social welfare, recreation and personal development.

The Foodbank at St Johns is open on Wednesdays 1030am - 1230pm. 

For an appointment for Money and Debt Advice please ring

0121 753 1959

We also have a Resource Centre to support Refugees and Asylum Seekers


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 Click HERE for the Sparkhill Foodbank web site 

Sparkhill Foodbank operates in association with Trussell Trust             

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