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St John's School

St John’s School is a learning community in which staff, children and parents work together for excellence and continuous improvement in a stimulating and exciting learning environment. We encourage independence, personal responsibility and good citizenship within a Christian framework. Our dedicated staff team offer children a broad and balanced curriculum. Children are encouraged to develop enquiring minds; to question, reason and make decisions. We put great emphasis on the development of social skills and encourage all children to become responsible, confident citizens. We help children to develop high self-esteem and to act towards others with care and respect. We pride ourselves on our high standards; both academically and in the way our children behave and present themselves. We aim to develop independent thinkers with a love of learning within a Christian framework. We put great emphasis on children becoming the best they can be in all areas of life. We ensure our children work hard, but also ensure that they have fun! We are proud of all that we achieve in school, catering for individual children within a caring environment.

Ofsted 2014

St John's School latest Ofsted Report



Park entrance

school entrance from the Park

Key Stage 1 

Key stage 1


Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2

Worship Centre

Worship Centre


A Learning Community

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